Alma Lumanglas

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Good Day Everyone I’m alma P. Lumanglas,from Batangas city, 36 years,I was born in Davao Oriental.. Proud to be bisayan..from a very simple family im super friendly if you knew me personally ,and im quite type of person but sometimes im a joker too. I love Listening also a story when the topic is about family.. Before I was working in LISPP, laguna for 13 years as Production operator, in an Electronics Company.. And im now currently working here in hongkong..since 2011 until now.. Ofcourse I love music,though im not a singer.. And when I became a member of musicpinoy radio (MPR) i’ll be more addicted into it, In musicpinoy hangout, I found hangout, new friends,that build us friendship though each of us are far apart miles away.. Away from home.. I discover all members are ofw…… I do believe in was very very true.. That MPR.. Bringing You Closer to Home…………….. I love MPR because I have called FAMILY here… I want to say thank you to Dj Jess Bacera,DjBev, All Dj’s and co-admins.And now that im one of Admin here.. We do our best to do things to make more fun,more entertaining,more goodmusic.. Into your life… I LOVE MUSICPINOY RADIO.

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