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What can I say?

I am so lucky to work with talented, diligent, principled, dedicated, kind and cool people. They are awesome and hot too. What? Cool and hot? That does not make sense !!!. Yes, it doesn’t make sense that I am blessed with great and cool and hot people to work with.

How did I get so lucky? This guy named Dj Ed Mix called me one day and said let’s put up a radio station. I said what did you say? A radio station!!!, he said. Whoooh take it easy, I am not going to put up a radio station. I have never done it before. I offered how about opening up an online travel or a floor tile distributor business? At least I know how it works.

Dj Ed Mix assured me it is just going to be easy and I believed him even though I don’t have a clue what I am doing. Then we get connected with talented professionals like Dj Coco Martyr and Djs like DjLyn. Well after that we are blessed with more talented cool and hot people. Look what we got!!

You might ask. How does he manage this amazing group when he doesn’t have a clue what he is doing? Well, I just teach them correct principles (I thought) and let them govern themselves. We do adjust our compass from time to time but so far they had been doing great on their own.

Then I assigned myself to be one of the Djs. Really cool title. Deejay. Never had done it before although I never run out of words to say. Whether it makes sense or not, that remains to be seen.

This post will keep changing so keep checking it back.

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